5 Trending Dress Patterns For Teenage Girls

on June 27, 2023

Fashion fever is everywhere! It has become a global powerhouse and influences how we conceive everything around us.

It is glimpsed as a power to bolster self-confidence and hold societal status and individuality. Chanel's founder, Coco Chanel, once said, “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”

The ever-evolving fashion is influencing the life of everyone around the world, especially teenagers.

For them, fashion is about telling the world who they are and who they want to be known as.

Pop culture, TV, TikTok, Instagram, fashion magazines, and influencers have been powerful sources of teenage girls' fashion. We also see the fashion industry moving towards more youthful designs, and we love it.

If you daughter is a young fashionista looking to upgrade her fashion game without breaking bank, search no more!

We have compiled a list of currently trending dress patterns for teenage girls to save you time and money and make her fashion game on fleek.


3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Teenagers Girls Dresses In India

Teenagers are at the forefront of fashion. It would be best to be conscious while shopping for teenagers, such as considering trending styles, comfort, appropriateness, etc.

Let's see them individually.

1. Comfort

If you are a teen's mother, you must have seen her trying ten different styles to fit in.

They want to be the first ones to try out new techniques and show who they want to be, which is excellent until their pursuit to be a fashionista comes with discomfort.

While choosing outfits, emphasise the breathability and comfort of the fabric and style.

Make sure she doesn't develop habit of wearing restrictive outfits to look pretty.

With pleasant outfits to wear, from Peppermint, teenagers can be made to choose their clothing wisely.


2. Sizing and Fit

Growth spurts are common among teenagers. Make sure to shop considering the changing size and fit to save disappointment and some money.

As per reports, the fashion industry is the world's second-largest polluter. Teach your teenage daughter about the side effects of fast fashion and shape her young mind toward healthy fashion.

When outgrown- repurpose, recycle and reuse fashion for good!


3. Current Trends

Fashion can help teenagers express themselves.

While shopping, it is crucial to consider fashion trends that will make them feel confident among their peers.

It is great if your little one wants to avoid the trend. You can choose evergreen fashion, and she will never feel outdated.

If your girl likes to stay updated, check out the following tips to stay tuned.

  • Read fashion magazines.
  • Follow Instagram hashtags.
  • Stay tuned with fashion influencers to stay in the know.


Here are the 5 trending dress patterns for teenage girls that you can't miss!

1. Jumpsuits for a Contemporary Style

Girls Printed Jumpsuit With Belt 11186

Jumpsuits are an all-season outfit. They provide excellent coverage, comfort, and easy movement and are super-light to wear.

It is the snazziest piece of fashion for teenagers. It is also economical, convenient and versatile, making it a reliable choice for parents.

To create a glamorous look, give it some edge with a jacket, waist belt, metallic jewellery, high heels, or flat bellies.

Some popular jumpsuit styles are Blazer Jumpsuits, Boiler Jumpsuits, Cape Jumpsuits, Culotte Jumpsuits, Denim Jumpsuits, Flared Jumpsuits, Overall Jumpsuits, etc.

Jumpsuits are a trend that is here to stay! So be it summer or winter, add this striking piece to your teenager's wardrobe today!


2. Shorts For a Full-Legged Glory

Girls Washed Shorts 11178

Teenagers love to experiment with trending dress patterns for teenage girls. Help them elevate their experiment game with a wide variety of shorts.

They can create versatile looks with multiple tops and enhance the look with a summer hat, metal jewellery, cool sunglasses, sassy boots, bold jackets, statement belts, and much more.

Shorts are not just a summer staple. It has been many women's go-to look to look effortlessly stylish all year around.

Using this versatile piece, your curious teenager can create casual, formal, winter, summer, party, beach, and many more styles hassle-free.

A few popular shorts are denim shorts, high-waisted shorts, knit shorts, sweat shorts, vintage shorts, cycling shorts, and more.

Head out to Peppermint and shop for your favourite dresses for teenagers at the best price. The teen clothing store is offering free shipping across India on a minimum purchase of INR 1000.


3. Dungaree For a Timeless Choice

Girls Printed Dungree Top Set 11122

Dungarees are an ideal choice for teenagers. From daily wear to special occasions, it calls for an effortless vibe.

What pairs well with dungarees, you may ask. Dungarees are a fashion statement in themselves. She can club it with a casual T-shirt, polo T-shirt or a sweater on cold days.

If she wants to keep it cool and casual, wear a hat, side bag, and sunglasses, and she is all set to bring the laid-back vibe into the room.

Let your daughter play around with the colours, shoes, and accessories to create a versatile look with this statement piece.


4. One-Pieces for A Head Turner

Girls Printed Dress With Belt 11339

Nothing compares to the comfort of a one-piece dress. Whether it's a farewell party or a new day at her college, summer camp or beach outing, one-pieces have got your young girl covered.

You can select from multiple styles, such as long maxi dresses, rompers, sweater dresses, bodycon dresses, Anarkali tunics, kaftans, and more.

This is a trending dress pattern for teenage girls at its best, so you need to let your young girl have the freedom to pick her desired style.

Add flair to her dress with a statement accessory such as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet.


5. Skirts For a Stunning Style Statement

Skirts and teenage girls are a match made in heaven. This pattern is suitable for those who like to keep it comfortable and stylish.

Are you busy searching for short, mini and long skirts? Here is a wide variety of Indio-western, long, short skirts for 4-to-13-year-olds that are very much in vogue. For instance, this trendy tribal skirt is ideal for summer by Peppermint.

Pair her overall look with a blouse or a top and accentuate with chic boots, a statement bag, and a belt and Tada! Your girl has created a trendy fashion look effortlessly!


Final thoughts,

Fashion is a means to empower teenagers to express and explore who they are! Do you need some fresh, comfortable and trendy outfit inspo for teens? Peppermint has got you covered.

It answers the call for the best teen stores in India with a variety of options. The website is user-friendly for teens to pick their own favourites seamlessly. Pick from the widest variety of skirts, dungarees, jackets, one-pieces, party-wear and formal dresses for teenagers and build a fashionable wardrobe today.

Peppermint offers an excellent blend of fashion, comfort and sustainability that echoes her personality and empowers her to express herself confidently.