7 Best Diwali Dress Ideas for baby girls 2023

on October 28, 2023

We just said “Diwali”. Did an eye-widening scene of festive Diwali lights & lamps, decorated houses, colourful rangoli, and crackers come into your view? 

Imagine your baby girl smiling brightly between those twinkling Diwali lights, making colourful rangoli, and enjoying the festival to the fullest. 

Adorable, right?

Diwali is an auspicious festival of light where we seek the blessing of goddess Lakshmi and ask for wealth and prosperity for our beloved family members.

 In our Indian culture, baby girls are goddesses and must be given the best in all aspects.

Consequently, when shopping for Diwali dresses for our little fairy, we consciously try to give her the most trending and beautiful dress that makes her feel special.

 Here we have compiled a list of some of the best Diwali looks for adorable little girls. Let’s explore!  


1. Elegant Frocks and A-line Dress

A fashionist's eyes cannot deny these timeless classics for our little girls. From A-line to princess cut, these frock patterns give a graceful charm on the occasion of Diwali.

 This cherished dress comes for an array of age groups and in diverse colours. It has a flared design that adds layers and looks elegant on every occasion. Vibrant colours, intricate details and flares make baby girls feel like princesses during festivals. 

 Peppermint has an adorable collection of dresses for Girls to shine in the festive season.


2. Textured Dress with Shrug and belt

Want to add a sprinkle of sophistication to your lil princess’s Diwali look? The textured dress with a shrug and a belt defining the dress is the perfect choice.

 The subtle ruffle sleeves instantly make your princess the centre of attraction. Accessorise the dress with a neckpiece and stylish footwear to complete the Diwali outfit.

 Buying comfortable and classy shrug dresses for your little girl could be the perfect choice for Diwali.


3. Poncho Dress

If you wish to give your baby a chic and comfortable Diwali look, the poncho dresses are a fantastic choice. 

 Loose-fitting garment drapes across the shoulder give complete freedom of movement and make your girl swirl and play with those layers.

 Again a timeless classic that barely goes out of fashion. The Relaxed and trendy appeal of poncho dresses makes them an ideal outfit for the Diwali festival.

 At Peppermint, you can find some stunning poncho dresses in jacquard prints that look elegant and stylish.


4Printed Flare Dress with Purse

Flower prints are a sight for sore eyes when styling baby girls. Just like they blossom our world, these printed dresses enhance their colourful aura and give them an eye-catching look in festive gatherings.

Your girl will love this unique dress as you see her swirl and play with the flattering flare of this printed A-line dress.

Other prints, such as geometric patterns or ethnic motifs, can make her outshine in this Diwali festive season. Accessorise them with matching bracelets, footwear, and this tiny little purse to complete her look.


5. Jumpsuits

For a modern option in a Diwali outfit for your girl, go for the trendy jumpsuits. These one-piece garments are super comfortable and stylish in equal measure.

With the unique design, Jumpsuits give a chic alternative to regular dresses and frocks. From solid colours to playful prints, Jumpsuits allow you to be versatile and choose a unique look for your baby girl.

The sheer comfort of movement allows her to play around with other girls, make rangoli, help you decorate the house or burst some small firecrackers.


6. Jumpsuits with shrug and belt

Want to add a layer of elegance and style to basic jumpsuits? Style them up with colourful or printed shrugs. 

The jumpsuit provides a sleek and structured base, while the shrug adds an extra layer and can be chosen to complement or contrast the jumpsuit's colours and design. 

This makes your girl feel ecstatic in her new Diwali dress.

This style is available in various fabrics, embroidery, cuts, colours and patterns. You can check more prints and patterns on Peppermint.

7. Dungaree Set

Lastly, you must consider Dungree for a playful and highly adorable Diwali outfit for girls. These can be worn with various tops, creating a versatile and stylish look. 

They are comfortable and vibes perfectly with their playful and sweet personality. Typically they are made from Denim or other durable fabrics that will keep adding to her look later too.

Dungarees make the perfect Diwali outfit for little girls who are super active and are all excited to enjoy Diwali to the fullest.


Things to consider while finalising Diwali outfits for your Girl

1. Ensure her Comfort

Comfort is super crucial when it comes to selecting a Diwali outfit for your baby girl. Choose a soft and comfortable fabric that goes soft on her skin. 


2. Dress her in Style

Trending styles and flares make your girl feel like a princess. Style her well by picking up from the above-listed trends and differentiators. 


3. Colour Preference

While Diwali is often associated with vibrant hues like red, orange, pink, and gold, choosing colours your child feels happy and confident in is important. Consider her favourite colours or shades that complement her complexion.


4. Ensure Safety

Diwali is filled with lighting and firecrackers. Be more careful while choosing a dress for her for Diwali. For indoor puja, you can go with a flared dress; for outdoor, choose something comfortable and less flared. 

Make this Diwali most memorable for your little princess with this trendy and modern collection of Diwali outfits. Dress her in gorgeous outfits, as this is the time when she makes cherishing childhood memories with family and celebrates the auspicious occasion of Diwali. 

For this colourful festival, shop from a mesmerising festive collection of Peppermint. Dungarees, shrugs, stylish tops, frocks, and dresses are some of the most trending outfits for baby girls.

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1. Which dress is best for Diwali for girls?

Frocks and A-line dresses look best on this festive occasion to make your girl look a princess. Style them with accessories if she likes.


 2. How should I dress my daughter for Diwali?

You can choose trendy, stylish dresses to give her an adorable look. Dungarees shrugs, A-line frocks, and dresses are some ideas you can choose from.


3. Which Colour clothes for Diwali?

Diwali is a colourful bright festival. It is best to go for colourful dresses like pink, red, etc. Added flares and layers make the outfit more beautiful.